Source code for pysb.export.kappa

Module containing a class for returning the Kappa equivalent for a given PySB model.

Serves as a wrapper around :py:class:`pysb.generator.kappa.KappaGenerator`.

For information on how to use the model exporters, see the documentation
for :py:mod:`pysb.export`.

from pysb.generator.kappa import KappaGenerator
from pysb.export import Exporter

[docs]class KappaExporter(Exporter): """A class for returning the Kappa for a given PySB model. Inherits from :py:class:`pysb.export.Exporter`, which implements basic functionality for all exporters. """
[docs] def export(self, dialect='kasim'): """Generate the corresponding Kappa for the PySB model associated with the exporter. A wrapper around :py:class:`pysb.generator.kappa.KappaGenerator`. Parameters ---------- dialect : (optional) string, either 'kasim' (default) or 'complx' The Kappa file syntax for the Kasim simulator is slightly different from that of the complx analyzer. This argument specifies which type of Kappa to produce ('kasim' is the default). Returns ------- string The Kappa output. """ kappa_str = '' if self.docstring: kappa_str += '# ' + self.docstring.replace('\n', '\n# ') + '\n' gen = KappaGenerator(self.model, dialect=dialect) kappa_str += gen.get_content() return kappa_str